Closing in



Hello , readers  we are closing in to the end of GSOC 2016 and so is my project . A quick update  WIkiTolearn made some changes to the API and my application is dependent on it .


I actually  use regex to get the links , url and actual data from API to get the contents .  I then process that   content and display it to user .


changes in the API can be read here :


Now what’s left to do in the app is to manage pages from the user end and to display offline pages in the app .


If you have seen my old demo video , you will see the deletion of pages  , updation of pages  is too manual . It was not at all user friendly .


I need to work on to make the app user friendly .  I will soon make a video to show the current state of the app .

We  are close 😀




Coding Phase 3



My coding phase 3 is started now . In my previous post i showed you the demo of the applcation without UI ( User Interface )

In Coding phase 3 my task is to design and good UI and then implement it .  I started by making some Mockups and showed them to KDE VDG ( Visual development group )

These were my initial Designs  :




VDG suggested me some edits and then i made the designs accordingly .


These are my current Designs !!







These are my current designs . Soon more features will be added to it .

Thanks for reading !!

Summary of My Coding Phase-I


I will try to keep it short after all it’s a summary .

My coding phase started on 24th May 2016 .  I started by getting some static pages (html) from WikiToLearn API  and showing them in QML Webview .

The HTML that i got from the API only contatins the body of HTML . All the links were needed to be reconstructed so that they may point to correct location .

I started to construct those links to get images  . After that i was able to display images in webview .


Next i started with storing the page locally ( offline feature )

We ( my mentors and me ) had a meeting about how to store the files , what kind of DB schema should be used .

After a good Discussion we decided a schema and how the files should be stored .

I started to implement things . Whenever i got stuck i first try to google myself some stuff and read docs , if i am not able to find anything i reach out to my mentors for help  .

I really had hard time in storing files locally  .  I was not able to save images locally .

Then came the worse time of my coding phase  :/ . I got fever with red watery eyes

( i don’t know what’s the exact term for red watery eyes .  if you never experienced it or don’t know what i meant red eyes )

It was during this time ( 7th June – 11th June ) i was really feeling down . I was not able to stare at my glowing beautiful  laptop screen ( it really was painful ) , let alone do any work .

I talked about this to my mentors ,  they advised me to take proper rest .

Slowly i started to get back in track and get started with my tasks.

I am now able to download  the images and store them locally , Reconstructed local html links so that it may point to local images .

Now i am working on making an offline viewer for the application and  writing a feature which will update all the local pages with just a click .


Thanks for reading !!




Summary of my Bonding Period (23April-23May)


Hey , guys the bonding period is finally over and i will summarize the whole period in this post 😀

In the first few days  me and my mentors decided on some initial tests that were needed to perform on WikiToLearn API  .

My first test task was to get the contents from WikiToLearn API  .  I started  by reading docs about WikiToLearn API : WTL API

After few days of reading i found out that which parameters , queries are needed for our task .

I got slow after few days  as my exams were also going on . My mentors are really good and are very understanding .

After my exams  i got back to research and reading .  My mentors introduced me to KDE’s Phabricator . this is where all my progress ( tasks , issues , ideas etc ) is kept .

After  more reading , i  solved my first test’s task that was to get the data ( JSON data ) from WTL API  and display it as a text .  I was  having some problems with stripping out HTML content from the JSON object but my mentors helped me by pointing me in right direction .

code is here :


My next task to display the stripped HTML in a webview . It took some days to solve this task  because i  had some issues with my university and i had to fill some forms ( such a drag  ) .

Webview test :

With this my bonding period came to end now coding phase-I is started and I am FIRED UP !!





GSOC 2016



Yeah ,  i got accepted in GSOC 2016 . I got KDE as my organization and i am very happy about it .I will be spending my summer writing code for my project that is WikiToLearn (W2L) desktop Client .

Just a brief about my project  :

“A cross platform wiki-to-learn browser . The browser will also be available on Smartphones . The main feature of the application is the offline mode . Now user can use wiki-to-learn even when they are not connected to internet”

I would like to thank my mentors Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan and Russell Greene .  They helped me a lot in writing a good proposal .

During the community bonding period (23rd April  to 22rd May ) , i will be work and learn more about the codebase of WikiToLearn , API’s , coding techniques and standards  .

I have to perform some initial test with mentors . That’s all for now 🙂  . To know more about my progress stay tuned 😀