KDE Akademy 2019


Akademy 2019 group photo

This year i was mentor for GSOC 2019 for KDE under Krita project. As many of you know KDE has annual conference called Akademy where KDE developers gather to showcase what they have been working on or what things they achieved this year and goals for next year. We also KDE BOF( birds of feather) workshops which is a bit informal but allows flexibility to explore different ideas. We had many bof workshops this year including how we can make conf.kde.in happen again 🙂 .


Day 1 : i was late for day 1 as my flight was delayed. I missed the keynote 😦 . After catching up with everyone at break time i got brief overview and also met some friends. Day 1 was awesome . We discussed what things KDE achieved and it’s goals for future. We also saw this year’s students demo and showcase which was awesome. We concluded the day with it.

Day 2 :  day 2 had even more amazing talks.  Since the 2 talks were going on simultaneously it was difficult to choose one lol ( every talk is recorded so that’s a plus ). I really enjoyed the talk “build expressive API with modern C++”.  On second day we had a surprise, a social event 😀 .

We also had akademy awards. The winners were as follows:

  • Best Application: Marco Martin for work on the Kirigami framework
  • Best Non-Application: Nate Graham for persistent work on the “KDE Usability & Productivity” blog
  • Jury Award: Volker Krause for long-term contributions to KDE including KNode, KDE PIM, KDE Itinerary and the UserFeedback framework
Akademy awards


After the wrap up of second day we had social event at a Fuorimano. The food was good and drinks were nice. We got the chance to network with each other. It was quite fun. We did some culture exchange too and learnt few things about each other.


The Day Trip


on 11th september, there was day trip to Bellagio. There were 2 bus all packed with KDE people. We reached Bellagio from Milan in roughly 2 hours. After that we went to Castle and the view from it was astonishing. We all had our lunch at a small cafe near the castle. After that in the evening we took the ferry to an island where we all had dinner and lots of talk. I made quite some new friends from different discipline. It was fun. On 12th i left and said goodbye to everyone and reached back to India.


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