GSOC 2018 with The Qt-Project



It’s summer time and what can be better than an internship and that too with Qt. Yeah, i got accepted in GSOC 2018 with The Qt-Project as my organization.  The goal of my project is to provide meson build system support to Qt-creator natively.

Brief about the project : “Meson is a build system that has become popular with open source projects in the last couple of years. Qt Creator should be able to open meson projects natively. The goal of the project is to provide meson build support to Qt creator IDE.”

My mentor Tobias Hunger is really nice and patient person 🙂 . Tobias helped me in writing a good proposal and helped me in setting up my dev environment too.

Currently we are in Community bonding period and i am getting familiar with the Qt community at dev level. what’s the work procedure, how to contribute and what guidelines to follow.

I followed this guide : to setup my dev environment.

Some common problems/FAQ that you can face are :

  1. not using real name in git config
  2.  if you encounter any sanity bot check errors follow this guide :
  3. Follow coding guideline :

That’s all for now folks. To know more about my progress , stay tuned for more blog posts 😉

P.S. if you want a video tutorial on how to setup the working environment just let me know. I will try to create it . PEACE !!


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