KDE Randa Meeting 2017

Hello o/ , so this was my first Randa meeting . So excited !!  So my main motive for this meeting was to fix wikitolearn desktop client which needed a desperate attention to it . It was broken so badly that it was not even possible to use it . Reason was simple : WikiTolearn api keeps evolving and even though i tried to keep my client updated with it , it was just no practically possible .

So i waited for some time for stable WTL API and then i will again start working on the client . The time is now , the api has matured and is stable now that means i can finally work on it !! Cheers !!

This was how the client was working before fix . it was not even able to display the images Screenshot at 2017-09-22 22-37-49

So for the first 2 days i worked on fixing and updating the client . The API was changed a lot and i had to almost rewrite the parsing feature of the client . It felt good when the client was restored to its former glory 😉 .

Now the theme for the KDE Randa meeting this year was to make “Kde more accessible ” . So i decided to port the client to mobile devices too . earlier it was available on Linux , Mac and windows . For the next days i tried and ported the client on android device ( Iphone not yet ) . The client has problem on mobile device . the problem is that Qwebview can’ be overlapped with other components . This is a known limitation .

Now my focus was to overcome this challenge and make the client work same on mobile devices . After brainstorming and taking advice from awesome developers around me , i found a solution . The solution was to hide the webview whenever any other component ( mainly QML Drawer ) comes in front .

So finally we have wikitolearn desktop client on mobile devices too . I still need to do testing of it,  that will come soon too 😉


After that our Randa group went for  hiking . We hiked for 4 hours and even crossed the charles koune suspension bridge . It felt awesome !!


Eveery good thing comes to an end too and so was our sprint . I enjoyed and learnt a lot from this sprint . I would really like to thank the whole organising team and specially Mario Fux and Simon Frie for helping us a lot and organising every thing . I would really love to come back to Randa meeting again next year .

Keep Contributing , keep committing !!

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