Summary of WTL_India conference

The first ever WTL_INDIA conf was a 2 day single track event held on the 18th and 19th of January, 2017 in Jaipur, India .


I arrived at Jaipur on 18th Jan 2017 at 3:30 AM o.O Booked a cab from UBER and reached the campus ( LNMIIT Jaipur ) at 4:00  AM . Sagar’s junior Punit was there to receive me .  Punit was life saver , he took the trouble to receive me at 4:00 AM and not to mention in extreme cold .

I was tired from my journey and instantly slept in my room . At morning i meet with our speakers group 🙂 . We did our breakfast at campus mess  . My stomach was full  , now my day starts officially.

DAY 1 : 18th Jan

First day was packed with lots of speakers . I was also assigned for my talk on same day . The event kicked off from Sagar’s talk on  introduction to Open source  and KDE .

Follow up talk was from Riccardo ( founder of WikiToLearn ) . He talked about his journey and how and why open source is important . After that he talked about WikiToLearn , what it is ? why it is needed  .

My talk was the last talk of the day . It was in the 2nd session of the day . I started by introducing myself and my project . I talked about how i build WikiToLearn desktop client , what challenges i face and how other students and developers can contribute to it .

After my talk  we ( me and other speakers ) did QnA with students . We tried to resolve their doubts , questions .  Later in the evening we did hands on session on GIT and Github .  We gave small small task / challenges for students to solve it . The whole day was action packed i enjoyed a lot and hoped that everyone was able to learn something from it .


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy ”

All work done , now the fun starts . I explored the campus with speakers and interacted with each other . We tried to teach Riccardo some local dialects and Hindi . It was a sort of cultural exchange between us .


Day 1 was fun !!

Day 2 : 19th Jan

The 2nd day kicked off with Tony speaking about engaging and bringing in new contributors to open source  community, tony is a really experienced speaker . He knows when to induce humour in talk and when to get into details .

I too got to learn a thing or two from fellow speakers . Below R.harish navnit is teaching me a thing or two about CMAKE  . Screenshot_20170214_181422.png

Overall it was a really rich experience , i got to meet fellow developers of wikitolearn and was able to make new friends . I wanted to stay for more but i had other priorities so I  had to leave Jaipur on 19th jan . Thank you all the volunteers , speakers , Sagar and Srijan for making this conference a huge hit .



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